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Women's Health Investment Strategy

Kidron’s investment strategy targets opportunities across a spectrum of conditions and modalities, from medical devices and diagnostics to services, therapeutics and digital health and across geographies.


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    Strategic Partnerships

    Forward-Thinking Investment Strategy

    The fund’s approach is characterized by strategic partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry, and a commitment to adding value beyond capital.

    Why Choose Us

    Kidron Capitalizes on Lucrative Opportunities in Untapped Market of Women’s Health

    Kidron Capital Assets LP is the first Women’s Health focused VC fund with a presence in Israel.  Kidron is led by two female GPs and spans three geographies:  Europe, USA, and Israel.  Kidron’s investments will include a mix of medical devices, diagnostics, services, therapeutics, and digital health.

    Expertise in Women's Health

    Kidron leverages expertise in women's health investments, positioning it ideally for best opportunities.

    Diverse Geographical Presence

    With a global presence in Europe, USA, and Israel, Kidron provides investors diverse opportunities in women's health.

    Targeted Investment Approach

    Focusing on opportunities that yield positive outcomes for women’s health to maximize impact and returns.

    How We Work

    Investment Process at Kidron Capital Assets LP

    Our rigorous process begins with meticulous identification of promising opportunities within the sector.


    Identification of Opportunities

    The Investment Process begins with identifying potential opportunities.


    Strategic Alignment

    Kidron assesses how each investment aligns with its overall investment strategy and objectives.


    Investment Decision

    Based on the results of strategic alignment, Kidron makes an investment decision.


    Support and Monitoring

    Kidron provides ongoing support to the portfolio company, leveraging its expertise.


    Kidron's Investment Portfolio

    Dive into the stories of companies within Kidron's portfolio, highlighting their achievements, milestones, and contributions to the field of women's health.

    Client Reviews

    What Our Client Says

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    Excellent service and throughly trained professionals. The team was very helpful for first timers like us.

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    I am pleased with the quality of work, service, support, and cooperation received. Excellent service.

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    The responses were fast, and the guidance provided was top-notch. It made me feel like I was in good hands.

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    The follow-up was really impressive, and the services provided were professional. Excellent service.

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    We Invest In

    Key Investment Criteria

    • Founders with Clear Vision to Build Impactful Companies
    • Companies with Proof of Concept Data
    • Differentiated Products in Women’s Health Indications
    • Clear IP, Regulatory and Access Strategies
    • Clear Business Model

    Elevate your investment strategy by making healthcare more inclusive for women, paving the way for healthtech breakthroughs, better overall wellbeing, and high returns on investment.