Kidron Strategy

Kidron employs a forward-thinking investment strategy that focuses on identifying and capitalizing on unique opportunities in the healthcare sector with emphasis on unmet medical needs in women’s health.

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Our foremost priority is to
ensure exceptional returns for our investors

by investing in premier companies dedicated to addressing women's health issues.

We leverage our in-depth understanding of healthcare market dynamics, particularly within women's health, and our access to cutting-edge technological advancements to invests in innovative companies positioned for substantial returns and positive impact for patients.

Diagnosis, Prevention, Precision

The New Frontier In Healthcare Investments

The firm's approach is characterized by strategic partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry, and a commitment to adding value beyond capital.

Recognizing the importance of social responsibility, Kidron also integrates impact investing into its portfolio, seeking to generate positive societal outcomes alongside significant financial returns.

Investment planning

Key Investment Criteria

Kidron Invests in Best-in-Class Technologies Across Therapeutic Areas and Modalities.

Kidron will invest in early-stage companies in most pressing unmet medical needs in women’s health. Investments will span a spectrum of modalities, from diagnostics, medical devices, biotech/pharma to services and digital health.

  • Companies with Proof of Concept Data
  • Clear IP, Regulatory and Access Strategies
  • Clear Business Model

Elevate your investment strategy by making healthcare more inclusive for women, paving the way for healthtech breakthroughs, better overall wellbeing, and high returns on investment.